Basic Concepts of Chemistry Test +2 Sc 1st Year Chemistry

Basic Concepts of Chemistry
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Basic Concepts of Chemistry

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A gas X has Cp and Cratio as 1.4, at NTP 11.2 L of gas X will contain_______ number of atoms

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Which one will have maximum numbers of water molecules?

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Boron exists as two stable isotopes; 10B(19%) and 11B(81%). Find out the average atomic weight of boron in the periodic table

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Which of the species is not paramagnetic?

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Find the volume of O2 required to burn 1 L of propane completely, measured at 0℃ temperature and 1 atm pressure

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Pressure has the same dimension as ____________

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Elements X and Y combine to form two compounds XY and X2Y. Find the atomic weight of X and Y, if the weight of 0.1 moles of XY is 10g and 0.05 moles of X2Y is 9g

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The number of atoms present in 0.1 moles of a triatomic gas is

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There are two chlorides of sulphur S2Cl2 and SCl2. What is the equivalent mass of S in SCl2

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A container has an equal mass of H2, Oand CH4 at 27℃, the ratio of their volume is

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